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Howard & my take on “Say Something”! Hope you guys like this one!! 

fotografing asked: @HowardChanMan hey man, can you sing Katy Perry - One That Got Away? please , i'll really appreciate and be grateful, thanks, please do this

I think I could do a good breakdown of the song. I’ll see what I can do :)

Anonymous asked: Please sing Lucky- Jason Mraz, Howard <3 do this for your biggest fan xx

I actually did a cover of this with a friend a while ago but took it down along with covers of Black and Gold & Hey, Soul Sister when I started doing better quality videos. When a good female singer comes along, I’ll be sure to put that on my list :)

thepotpie asked: Im pretty sure ive seen your cover of "use somebody'' a year ago or two. Anyway, I love your voice. You and your sibs are really talented. yeah. :)

That was a really long time ago haha, glad you still remember! Thank you :)

floppypoppies asked: hiii howard! god i'm such a big fan! you and your sisters are all so incredibly gifted and i'm actually extremely excited for what's in store for you in the near future!:) keep going at it dude!:) so supporting you guys:)

Thank you so much I really appreciate the kind words and support :) Hopefully good things will come this year for my career!

New Cover of Justin Bieber’s “Heartbreaker”!

Not my best vocally, just for fun :)

Hope you enjoy!

karenclee asked: Are you and Cilla on Kpop star? I'm so sure I saw you for a quick second on episode one. P.s. You guys are amazing; all the judges will want you. :)

We were invited but decided not to go through with it because of some legal issues. And thank you! :)

llorxr-deactivated20140401 asked: I think this world is sooo small, like I don't mean to be creepy or anything but like I subed you when I saw your airplanes cover with Cilla (congrats on her being on the show!!) Okay, and like this year I came to a new school and met this girl, Reika. Okay, yeah, and like she knows Julien and so she showed me a photo of him and I swear I've seen him before -- YOUR BIGBANG VIDEO. Yeah that's it basically. Btw, I think you and your sister's voices are just amazing, and together it's just. stop.

I’ll ask him about her; that’s so cool! Thank you so much for sticking with me from the beginning :) Much love!

Anonymous asked: HI Howard. I'm just a fan and a singer. I hope to work with you one day. I'm still not well known, but that is my hope. I really connected with your voice. I just wanted to tell you to keep working hard and good things will come your way. Don't ever stop singing. I pray blessing to you and your family and that you will be successful in everything you do and take the time to give thanks. I pray you breakdown barriers for Asian American singers in America. I wish you the best. - F. Moniq Writes

Wow this is really heart warming thank you so much for this. I hope we get to meet in the future so I can thank you properly! I will do my best to keep posting covers consistently and be the best musician I can be. I will keep you in my prayers, Moniq!

After 3 months, here’s a new cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

This one was pretty tough to record believe it or not because ever note makes a huge difference and figuring out the adlibs at the end was the toughest part of the recording process for me, so I really do hope you all enjoy!