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Anonymous asked: Hi Howard, a friend of mine showed me a cover of yours today and I immediately subscribed. Just wna say that you really have an amazing voice and I hope to be able to collab with you someday. God bless and don't worry about the haters! -sh :)

Thank you god bless :)

happyboenie asked: HI Howard, I saw your cover on Not a Bad Thing with CLO and Its done really well. This leads me to listening to more of your covers and now 'All That Matters' is on repeat. LOL. Thanks for making my easter weekend much more enjoyable with your beautiful voice. Happy Easter! :)

Thank you so much! Happy Easter to you too :)


Howard & my take on “Say Something”! Hope you guys like this one!! 

fotografing asked: @HowardChanMan hey man, can you sing Katy Perry - One That Got Away? please , i'll really appreciate and be grateful, thanks, please do this

I think I could do a good breakdown of the song. I’ll see what I can do :)

Anonymous asked: Please sing Lucky- Jason Mraz, Howard <3 do this for your biggest fan xx

I actually did a cover of this with a friend a while ago but took it down along with covers of Black and Gold & Hey, Soul Sister when I started doing better quality videos. When a good female singer comes along, I’ll be sure to put that on my list :)

thepotpie asked: Im pretty sure ive seen your cover of "use somebody'' a year ago or two. Anyway, I love your voice. You and your sibs are really talented. yeah. :)

That was a really long time ago haha, glad you still remember! Thank you :)

floppypoppies asked: hiii howard! god i'm such a big fan! you and your sisters are all so incredibly gifted and i'm actually extremely excited for what's in store for you in the near future!:) keep going at it dude!:) so supporting you guys:)

Thank you so much I really appreciate the kind words and support :) Hopefully good things will come this year for my career!

New Cover of Justin Bieber’s “Heartbreaker”!

Not my best vocally, just for fun :)

Hope you enjoy!

karenclee asked: Are you and Cilla on Kpop star? I'm so sure I saw you for a quick second on episode one. P.s. You guys are amazing; all the judges will want you. :)

We were invited but decided not to go through with it because of some legal issues. And thank you! :)

llorxr-deactivated20140401 asked: I think this world is sooo small, like I don't mean to be creepy or anything but like I subed you when I saw your airplanes cover with Cilla (congrats on her being on the show!!) Okay, and like this year I came to a new school and met this girl, Reika. Okay, yeah, and like she knows Julien and so she showed me a photo of him and I swear I've seen him before -- YOUR BIGBANG VIDEO. Yeah that's it basically. Btw, I think you and your sister's voices are just amazing, and together it's just. stop.

I’ll ask him about her; that’s so cool! Thank you so much for sticking with me from the beginning :) Much love!